How Promotional Water Bottles Can Increase Your Sales?

How Promotional Water Bottles Can Increase Your Sales?


Using promotional items with your company’s logos, slogans, and labels is considered one of the most effective techniques to advertise your brand. The choice of promotional product depends on your budget, target market, and purpose of advertising. Promotional water bottles are one of the most preferred promotional products as it is the most functional, making customers use it at more places for a long time.

Furthermore, bottled advertising has become increasingly popular in the recent years as more customers are practicing environmentally-friendly consumption. The reusable water bottles with your company’s logos are more environmentally-friendly than plastic bottles and more preferred by customers.

These custom reusable bottles with logo and slogan are made by companies such as Custom Earth Promos. They are an eco-friendly marketing company based in Delray Beach, Florida, USA, trying to reduce plastic consumption. They have been making custom reusable bags and even custom water bottles according to your company’s target market, budget and requirements since 2009.

Important items to include in custom water bottles

The following are important information that should be mentioned in the water bottle when customizing it to promote your brand.

  • Logo or photo
  • Slogan
  • Office phone number
  • Company address
  • Contact email
  • Company website

How customized water bottles increase your sales

  • Meet a particular need: The most basic human needs are food, water, and shelter. When you give your potential customer’s water bottles with your brand logo, you are actively meeting their needs.
  • Long exposure time: The duration of the attention given to a particular advertisement depends on its type. Billboards have the duration of the traffic or it can depend on how fast you drive. TV ads have exact timings. However, the exposure time for water bottles is longer as it depends on the person who is drinking from it.
  • Put information that customers want to see: The major challenge of marketers is to inform their audience on the products in limited space and time. However, water bottles provide a large canvas to print your logo, slogan and other basic information mentioned above. The water bottles provide the information that the audience wants right in their hands.
  • Effective for most users: There are individuals who appreciated water bottles being provided such as runners, hikers, and other athletes. Once you brand the bottles to give to them, you will have targeted the viewers who watch these athletes, increasing your market.

How to advertise water bottles

  • As amenities in the reception area of offices or conference halls.
  • As refreshments during sports events such as marathons, charity walks, etc.
  • In packages or bags provided during company-sponsored events.
  • In the conference room during company meetings.
  • Sponsorship by giving out your products in events such as sports tournaments.


There are points mentioned above about why water bottles are one of the most successful promotional products. There are also points mentioned about what information must be printed on the bottles itself.

Lastly, there are examples of places where these customized bottles can be given to people. Thus, these can help you successfully plan your target market, place of promotion and promotion techniques.

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